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Book Reviews

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Thoughts on Donal Ryan’s first novel

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Thoughts on nonfiction by Jace Clayton, Mary Oliver, Benjamin Percy, and Eliot Weinberger.

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The Uncollected Writings of Gina Berriault – Post Road

“Berriault specializes in the discarded, the undervalued, the overlooked. Her characters are single mothers disheveled by heartache, aging social revolutionaries clinging to the dregs of their progressive values, street artists dying from botched abortions, former addicts succumbing to disease and loneliness. In Berriault’s hands these lives are not depressing, nor are they plumbed for melodrama. Berriault writes without condescension, without voyeurism. So how is it possible that I, a hardcore fan of short fiction, had never heard of this superb writer?”

Daphne du Maurier’s short stories – Memorious

“These stories possess the sensory richness and emotional accuracy of nightmares. And despite their shock value, the surprise endings are no mere plot tricks. For they contain that most basic truth: of the known—or suspected—versus confusion or self-deception, of hard physical reality versus fantasy.”